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Silverlight as a “Rule them all” concept–glad to see you go…

The ZDNet article by Mary Jo Foley ignited an extensive discussion on where is the Silverlight place in the future world. Some people are predicting a swift and painful death to Silverlight, some especially ones with invested interests are arguing that Silverlight will always be a superior choice to HTML5. I liked this post by Tim Heuer which does a good summary on this little war.

My position in the referenced discussion is defined by the fact that I am a WPF developer working on the same product for the last 13 years (of course, it was Delphi before WPF). I think that in the ideal world the applications should be fewer but of much higher quality. And the concept of the “least common denominator”, even in the UI area, does not contribute to quality. I’d like to live in the world where native UI framework with all “bells and whistles” is used for each platform – WPF for Windows, Silverlight for Windows Phone, HTML5 for browser, Cocoa for Mac, IPhone and IPad.

So I am kind of glad to hear about this “strategy shift” – let us build “native” applications and leave Silverlight and Flash the role of a “bridge” technology (with the exception of Windows Phone, where Silverlight is the “native”).


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